Prof. Minxiao Han

North China Electric Power University, China

Prof. Minxiao Han, Director of Institute of Flexible Electric Power Technology in  North China Electric Power University (NCEPU). He was a joint Ph.D student with NCEPU and Queen’s University of Belfast, U.K., and a post-doctorial researcher at Kobe University, Japan. He is an IET Fellow and Vice-Chairman of IEEE PES AC/DC system China branch committee. He has been the leader in projects consigned by National Nature Science Foundation of China, National Educational Ministry, and enterprises. He has four published books and more than 100 refereed publications in journals and conferences. His research interests are the applications of power electronics in power system including HVDC, FACTS, power conversion and control.

Title: The Concept and Research of Converter-based Grid

Abstract: Electric power system with renewable energy in the leading role is evolving with essential change of grid morphology. Electric power is integrated to the grid through converters which increase the proportion of power electronics in power system. Converter-based grid (CBG) will be reached when converter-based power generation replaces synchronous machine to build the grid frequency and voltage. This paper aims to discuss the concept, constitution and operation of CBG, and the future development prospect of CBG is also put forward.